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  • How many colours does the visor come in?
    Becaue of it's unique material, each visor shield looks different every time and photographs different every time. Currently we only offer a black headband visor style with black trim.
  • Is my visor adjustable?
    Each visor can click vertically upwards and downwards. It is best to old the headband tighhtly tand then adjust to your desired position before placing it on your head.
  • Is it me or is my visor is a little bent?
    Like a batch of cookies, every visor comes with it's own unique shape. You can try bending the headband a bit to reshape it to your liking of course.
  • What if I want DHL?
    We can DHL to a few countries for sure, if you do not see your city listed in our shipping options please write us directly and mission control will give you a quote.
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