The UV Space Shield ensures those beauty treatments do not go to waste.

We are providing a new product line that can help protect your sensitive facial skin from 95% of UV light.
By reducing your exposure to the sun's harmful radiation, you can protect your skin and enjoy your
day in the sun with the right protection.

UV Space Shield

UV Space Shield


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Put some 
space between your skin

and UV


Ultraviolet rays from the sun age our beautiful skin.

Keep 95% of UV Radiation out of your space.

There are certain hours in the day that can expose your skin to more UV light than others. The UV Index is highest from midday to 2pm in most cities. So if your plan for some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors make sure to shield your skin from the ageing powers of the sun and its dangerous UV radiation.

Using solar protection can protect your skin cells from UV radiation.

The UV Index is at its highest during the midday hours.

Our skin is vulnerable to

the sun's UV radiation.

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