The UV Space Shield ensures those beauty treatments

do not go to waste.

We are providing products that can help save your facial skin from 90% - 95% of UV light. By reducing your exposure to UV light you can protect your skin and enjoy your day in the sun.

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UV Space Shield


UV Space Shield


UV Space Shield


Do not 
let a day in the sun

age your

beautiful skin.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun age our skin.

Some hours in the day age your skin faster than others.

There are certain hours in the day that can expose your skin to more UV light than others. So if your plan for some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors make sure to shield your skin from the aging powers of the sun and its UV radiation.

The UV Index is at its highest during the mid day hours.

Our environment and lifestyle contributes to our skin health.

Our largest organ is more

vulnerable than you think.

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